• New challenge to optimize operations in the directional drilling of large diameter wells in the Reykjanes field with a new client, HS Orka.
  • End of campaign in the drilling of five directional wells successfully for Landsvirkjun in the Theistareykir field, optimizing time, directional trajectory, managing to drill the 8 1/2" hole section with one Bottom Hole Assembly (900 - 2500 meters). Normally drilled with directional BHA up to 2200 meters, then continuing drilling with Rotary BHA, for technical reasons (total loss of circulation, risk of tubal jamming, etc.)
  • RBR is collaborating with Iceland Drilling Company (Jardboranir) in Directional Drilling optimization on Geothermal and waters wells Since May 2016
  • RBR is sponsoring MAZZIMA in the Marroc Challenge-2015 WINTER EDITION Raid from 5 till 12 of December 2015. You can follow the Raid in Marroc Challenge
  • RBR Drilling was founded in October 2015
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