Our personalized and reliable services.

RBR Drilling offers professional and reliable services within the drilling field. Naturally, we also provide detailed advice, and you can trust our professional competence based on extensive experience.

It is our goal, to find the best solution for you - quickly, safely and easily.

Our services are performed with Landmark Platform (Compass / WellPlan suites)

  • Wellpath Design
  • BHA Analysis
  • Casing Design
  • Critical Speed Analysis
  • Hydraulics
    • Pressure Analysis
    • Velocity
    • Swab / Surge
    • Bit Analysis
    • Cutting Transport Analysis
  • Stuck Pipe Analysis
  • Torque & Drag Analysis
    • Calibrate Friction Factors
    • Normal Analysis
    • Drag Chart
  • Wellbore Contact Analysis
  • Miscellaneous
    • Work String
    • Volumes / Heights
    • Lag Strokes (Lag Times)
    • Spot a Pill
    • Rig Capacity

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